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The story of my love for the Spanish language and my journey to bilingualism is rooted in my childhood, as are so many of our adult passions. I’m a native of New York City, born in the Bronx and raised in Yonkers, New York. For years my grandparents had a small store – popularly known as a "candy store," although this peculiarly urban type of establishment has absolutely nothing to do with See’s or Whitman’s chocolates, as any New Yorker of a certain vintage can tell you – in a predominantly Puerto Rican and Dominican section of Harlem, between Upper Broadway and Riverside Drive. Think West Side Story, and you’ll have some idea of the ambience in which I grew up. It was there, nearly every weekend of my formative years, that I first heard and fell in love with spoken Spanish, in this case the rapid-fire, staccato, Caribbean variety spoken by my grandparents’ neighbors.  Everything that emanated from those neighbors’ apartments still pervades my memory: the pungent aroma of sofrito, the cadences of salsas, plenas, and boleros, the panorama of people in the streets, speaking words I couldn’t understand.

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Andrea Receives PEN/Heim Translation Award for Saccomanno's Gesell Dome

The Translation Fund, now celebrating its eleventh year, is pleased to announce the winners of this year's competition, including Andrea G. Labinger for her translation of Gesell Dome, by prolific Argentine novelist Guillermo Saccomanno. Click on the following link to read more:

PEN announces 2014 translation fund winners

Ten Rules for Literary Translators

Ever wonder what guidelines literary translators follow? Click on the following link to read Andrea's "rules":

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Feature Translation - The End of the Story
Selected to
World Literature Today's
75 Notable Translations of 2012

See Andrea's latest translation, The End of the Story by Liliana Heker, selected to WLT's 75 Notable Translations 2012 list and featured on the Biblioasis International Translation Series website. Click on the following links to read more:

75 Notable Translations 2012
Biblioasis Summary
Belletrista Review

View Andrea's article about The End of the Story in Beatrice

Newest Translation - The Guest
JewishFiction.net (Issue 13)
Containing work by Aharon Appelfeld, Yente Serdatsky, Jonathan Wilson, Amichai Shalev, Varda Fiszbein, Miron Izakson, Rivka Miriam, Mikhail Morgulis, Sharon Solwitz, and more...

Please read Andrea's newest translation in Jewish Fiction.net. Varda Fiszbein's "The Guest" ("El Invitado") speaks about a seder guest who requests something surprising in exchange for the afikoman. Click on the following links to read more:

JewishFiction.net Issue 13
Read Andrea's translation of The Guest

Recent Publications / Translations
Catamaran Literary Reader
Meet The Author (translation of Ana María Shua's Ha llegado un escritor), Catamaran Literary Reader, 2014.
A Few Days at the Beach
A Few Days at the Beach (translation of Ana María Shua's A Few Days at the Beach), Spolia Magazine, 2013.
A Nice Boy From A Good Family
A Nice Boy From A Good Family (translation of Ana María Shua's A Nice Boy From A Good Family), JewishFiction.net, 2013.
The End of the Story
The Weight of Temptation (translation of Ana María Shua's The Weight of Temptation), University of Nebraska Press, 2012.
The End of the Story
Borges and Mathematics (translation of Guillermo Martínez's Borges and Mathematics), Purdue University Press, 2012.

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